Instructions for Presenters

Instructions for Chairpersons and Speakers in Oral Presentations

The Q and A will be participated by the session chairpersons and speakers live via Zoom. To join, please refer to the following instructions below.
  1. Check your email for the Zoom link sent by our team. It should have been sent 1 week and 1 day before the conference date.
  2. Make sure your microphone and camera are working and check that you have a stable internet connection.
  3. Join the Zoom meeting through the link that was sent to you at least 30 minutes before your session starts.
  4. Check the Q and A box while presentations are being played for questions from the audience and prepare to answer those at the Q and A time.
  5. Chairpersons will facilitate the Q and A, read the questions and ask the speaker who can answer a particular question.
  6. During the Q and A, please mute your microphone when you are not speaking to avoid static and interruption.
  7. Important: Chairpersons must inform the audience to send their questions through the Q and A Box, not the Chat Box. Otherwise, questions sent through Chat Box may not be read.
  8. Kindly note that Q and A time is limited, about 10-15 minutes only, depending on the remaining time. So make sure that you have already prepared your answers to the audience’s questions before the Q and A starts. It will allow your session members to accommodate many questions as possible.
  9. If there is still remaining time and there’s no more questions, Chairpersons can start a discussion among speakers to avoid dead-air. Chairpersons can ask speakers their own questions as well to get the conversation going.
  10. If there’s no remaining time, the Chairpersons must wrap up the session before the next session starts.